British Columbia revenue stamps
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van Dam catalog # face value colour
BCL1 10c blue
BCL2 30c blue
BCL3 50c blue
BCL4 $1 blue
1888-91 SECOND SERIES    
BCL5 10c black
BCL5a   watermarked
BCL6 30c vermilion
BCL6a   watermarked
BCL7 50c brown
BCL7a   watermarked
BCL8 10c carbon black
1893-1901  THIRD SERIES    
BCL9 10c slate grey
BCL10 30c orange, perf. 11
BCL11 50c buff, perf. 11
BCL12 10c black (shades)
BCL12a   pinperf
BCL13 30c rose
BCL13a   pinperf
BCL14 50c brown
BCL14a   pinperf
BCL15 $1 blue
BCL15a   pinperf
1905-12 FOURTH SERIES    
BCL16 10c black
BCL16a   pinperf
BCL17 25c green
BCL18 30c orange
BCL19 30c rose
BCL20 50c brown
BCL20a   yellow brown
BCL20b   pinperf
BCL20c   pinperf on BCL20a
BCL21 $1 blue
1912-26 FIFTH SERIES    
BCL22 10c black
BCL22b   perf x roulette
BCL22c   pinperf
BCL22g   small "5" between "cents" and "10" at bottom
BCL23 25c green
BCL23a   hor.pair impf. betwn
BCL23b betwn
BCL23c   pinperf
BCL24 30c orange
BCL24a   pinperf
BCL25 50c brown
BCL25a   perf x roulette
BCL25d   pinperf
BCL26 $1 blue
BCL27 $5 crimson
BCL27b   pinperf
1928-32 SIXTH SERIES    
BCL28 10c black
BCL29 30c orange
BCL30 50c brown
BCL31 $1 blue
1933-41 SEVENTH SERIES    
BCL32 10c grey, die I
BCL32a   die II
BCL32b   pinperf
BCL33 30c orange
BCL34 50c brown, die I
BCL34a   die II
BCL34b   pinperf, die I
BCL35 $1 blue, die I
BCL35a   die II
BCL35b   die III
BCL35c   pinperf, die II
BCL36 $5 red brown
1942-48 EIGHTH SERIES    
BCL37 10c gray
BCL37a   perf. 12 1/2
BCL37b betwn
BCL38 30c orange, p. 11 3/4
BCL38a imperf betwn
BCL39 50c brown
BCL39a   perf. 12 1/2
BCL39b betwn.
BCL40 $1 blue
BCL40a imperf betwn
BCL40b betwn
BCL40c   pinperf
1948-57 NINTH SERIES    
BCL41 10c grey
BCL42 50c olive brown
BCL43 $1 blue
BCL44 $2 red brown
BCL45 $2 magenta
BCL46 10c grey
BCL47 25c red brown
BCL48 50c brown
BCL48a   orange omitted
BCL49 $1 blue
BCL50 $2 magenta
BCL51 10c grey
BCL52 50c olive brown
BCL53 $1 blue
BCL54 $2 magenta
BCL55 $3 orange
BCL55a   thick paper
BCL56 $5 red brown
BCL57 $10 light red
BCL58 $20 blue
1971-80 TWELFTH SERIES    
BCL59 $1 blue
BCL60 $2 magenta
BCL60a betwn.
BCL61 $5 red brown
BCL62 $30 turquoise
BCL63a   imperf pair
BCL65 $15 rose (red)
BCL66 $30 turquoise
BCL66a   davac gum
BCL67 $50 orange, davac
BCH1 3c black on orange
BCH1b 2 rows swastikas at left
BCH1c no swastikas at right
BCH1d   3 open at bottom
BCH2 4c black on pink
BCH2a 4 no hor. line at btm
BCH3 5c black on brick
BCH3b 5 open at bottom
BCH4 10c black on red
BCH4a no at btm in'1'
BCH5 $1 black on blue
BCH5a 1 no hor. bar at btm
BCP1   black on orange
BCP1a   booklet pane of 12
BCT1 1909 black on light green
BCT9 1914 blue, S.E.
BCT10 1915 brown, S.F.
BCT12 1917 blue, S.H.
BCT13 1918 green, S.I.
BCT14 1919 blue, S.J.
BCT15 1920 green, S.K.
BCT16 1921 brown, S.L.
BCT17 1922 green, S.M.
BCT22 1927 orange, S.S.
BCT23 1928 green, T.T.
BCT24 1929 violet, U.U.
BCT25 1930 green, V.V.
BCT27 1932 orange, X.X.
BCT43 5c orange red,     1911
BCT43a   doubled control #
BCT43b   pair of BCT43,43a
BCT43c   BCT43 watermarked
BCT44 25c blue
BCT44a   doubled control #
BCT44b   pair of BCT44, 44a
BCT44c   watermarked
BCT45 $1 green
BCT45a   watermarked
BCT46 5c olive green,    1912
BCT46a   watermarked
BCT47 25c yellow brown
BCT47a   watermarked
BCT48 $1 violet
BCT49 5c black,          1913
BCT50 25c red
BCT52 5c blue green      1914
BCT53 25c blue
BCT54 $1 olive green
BCT55 5c red brown       1915
BCT56 25c vermilion
BCT57 $1 yellow brown
BCT58 5c black           1916
BCT59 25c blue
BCT60 $1 green
BCT61 5c brown           1917
BCT62 25c orange
BCT63 $1 olive green
BCT64 5c blue            1918
BCT65 25c black
BCT66 $1 dark purple
BCT67 5c green           1919
BCT68 25c red
BCT69 $1 dark brown
BCT70 5c brown           1920
BCT71 25c blue
BCT72 $1 green
BCT73 5c brown           1921
BCT74 25c venetian red
BCT75 $1 grey
BCT76 5c green           1922
BCT77 25c yellow brown
BCT78 $1 blue
BCT79 5c brown           1923
BCT80 25c purple
BCT81 $1 vermilion
BCT82 5c green           1924
BCT83 25c blue
BCT84 $1 olive
BCT85 5c yellow brown    1925
BCT86 25c red
BCT87 $1 brown
BCT88 5c green           1926
BCT89 25c blue
BCT90 $1 purple
BCT91 5c vermilion       1927
BCT92 25c light brown
BCT93 $1 dark brown
BCT94 5c green           1928
BCT95 25c blue
BCT96 $1 violet
BCT97 5c brown           1929
BCT98 25c vermilion
BCT99 $1 orange red
BCT100 5c blue            1930
BCT102 $1 purple
BCT103 5c orange          1931
BCT104 25c brown
BCT105 $1 green
BCT106 5c green           1932
BCT107 25c violet
BCT108 $1 blue
BCT109 5c rose            1933
BCT110 25c black
BCT111 $1 orange
BCT112 5c violet          1934
BCT113 25c brown
BCT115 5c brown           1935
BCT116 25c green
BCT117 $1 red
BCT118 5c blue            1936
BCT119 25c brown
BCT120 $1 black
BCT121 5c red brown       1937
BCT122 25c green
BCT123 $1 red
BCT124 5c orange          1938
BCT125 25c blue
BCT126 $1 red brown
BCT127 5c blue            1939
BCT128 25c carmine
BCT129 $1 green
BCT130 5c light green     1940
BCT131 25c black
BCT132 $1 red brown
BCT133 5c violet          1941
BCT134 25c brown
BCT135b   joined "IT" variety
BCT136 5c ultramarine     1942
BCT137 25c red
BCT138 $1 black
BCT139 5c orange          1943
BCT140 25c green
BCT141 $1 brown
BCT142 5c black           1944
BCT143 25c blue
BCT144 $1 purple
BCT145 5c green           1945
BCT146 25c brown
BCT147 $1 red
BCT148 5c violet          1946
BCT149 25c brown
BCT150 $1 blue
BCT151 5c orange          1947
BCT152 25c green
BCT153 $1 black
BCT154 5c brown           1948
BCT155 25c violet blue
BCT155a pane broken pillar variety
BCT156 $1 red
BCT157 5c orange          1949
BCT158 25c green
BCT159 $1 light blue
BCT160 5c black           1950
BCT161 25c orange
BCT162 $1 dark green
BCT163 5c blue            1951
BCT164 25c red brown
BCT165 $1 brown
BCT166 5c brown           1952
BCT167 25c blue
BCT168 $1 red
BCT169 5c purple          1953
BCT170 25c light green
BCT171 $1 olive yellow
BCT172 5c brown           1954
BCT173 25c scarlet
BCT174 $1 blue
BCT175 5c green           1955
BCT176 25c red orange
BCT177 $1 brown violet
BCT178 5c black           1956
BCT179 25c turquoise
BCT180 $1 yellow
BCT181 5c light blue      1957
BCT182 25c brown
BCT183 $1 green
BCT184 5c orange          1958
BCT185 25c purple
BCT186 $1 carmine red
BCT187 5c brown           1959
BCT188 25c green
BCT189 $1 black
BCT190 5c yellow          1960
BCT191 25c red
BCT192 $1 blue
BCT195 $1 blue
BCT208 5c yellow          1966
BCT209 25c red


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