Canadian Weights and Measures revenue stamps
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van Dam catalog # face value colour


FWM1 5c black
FWM2 10c black
FWM3 15c black
FWM4 20c black
FWM5 30c black
FWM6 1c blue
FWM7 2c blue
FWM8 30c black
FWM9 50c black
FWM10 $1 black
FWM11 $1.50 black
FWM12 $2 black
1878 CROWN    
FWM13 1c black
FWM14 2c black
FWM15 5c black
FWM16 10c black
FWM17 15c black
FWM18 20c black
FWM19 30c black
FWM20 50c black
FWM21 $1 black
1887 CROWN    
FWM22 1c black
FWM23 2c black
FWM24 5c black
FWM25 10c black
FWM26 15c black
FWM27 20c black
FWM28 30c black
FWM29 50c black
FWM30 $1 black
FWM31 $1.50 black
FWM32 $2 black
FWM33   no value, red
1897 VICTORIA    
FWM34 5c black
FWM35 10c black
FWM36 15c black
FWM37 20c black
FWM38 30c black
FWM39 50c black
FWM40 75c black
FWM41 $1 black
FWM42 $1.50 black
FWM43 $1.50 white label
FWM44 $2 black
FWM45 5c black
FWM45a   purple control #
FWM46 10c black
FWM46a   purple control #
FWM47 15c black
FWM47a   purple control #
FWM48 30c black
FWM48a   purple control #
FWM49 50c black
FWM50 75c black
FWM50a   purple control #
FWM51 $1 black
FWM51a   purple control #
FWM52 $1.50 black
FWM52a   purple control #
FWM52b   FWM52a jump # pair
1906 EDWARD VII    
FWM53 $5 black
FWM54 $10 black
FWM55 $5 black
FWM55a $5 purple control #
FWM56 $10 black
FWM56a   purple control #
FWM56b   FWM56a jump # pair
1915 GEORGE V    
FWM57 $2 black
FWM58 20c black
FWM58a 20c purple control #
FWM59 $2 black
FWM59a $2 purple control #
FWM59b   FWM59a jump # pair
1930 GEORGE V    
FWM60 5c black
FWM61 10c black
FWM62 15c black
FWM63 20c black
FWM64 30c black
FWM65 50c black
FWM66 75c black
FWM67 $1 black
FWM68 $1.50 black
FWM69 $2 black
FWM70 $5 black
FWM71 $10 black