Canadian Gas inspection revenue stamps
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van Dam catalog # face value colour
FG1 25c blue
FG2 50c blue
FG3 $1 blue
FG4 $1.50 blue
FG5 $2 blue
FG6 $3 blue
FG7 $4 blue
1875 CROWN    
FG8 5c blue
FG9 25c blue
FG10 50c blue
FG11 $1 blue
FG12 $1.50 blue
FG13 $2 blue
FG14 $3 blue
FG15 $4 blue
FG16 $10 blue
FG18 25c blue (shades)
FG19 50c blue (shades)
FG20 60c blue (shades)
FG21 75c blue (shades)
FG22 $1 blue (shades)
FG23 $1.50 blue (shades)
FG24 $2 blue (shades)
FG25 $4 blue (shades)
FG26 $10 blue (shades)
FG27 $2 blue, blue control #
FG27a   purple control #
FG28 $4 blue, purple #
FG28a   off white paper
FG29 $10 blue, purple #
FG29a   jump # pair
1915 GEORGE V.    
FG30 $3 blue
FG31 $3 blue, wet print
FG31a   dry print
FG31b   purple control #