The Canadian revenue stamp album

consists of 449 pages with virtually one stamp of every issue illustrated
printed on high quality, acid free paper comes with 4 quality custom imprinted padded binders.

has spaces for all Canada & Provinces revenue stamps,
Newfoundland revenue stamps,
Telephone & Telegraph Franks, P. O. W. Franks
, etc.
Each space is numbered with catalog number from  the "Canadian Revenue stamp catalogue by E S J van Dam"

There are pages for:
basic stamps
perforation varieties
paper varieties
shade & colour varieties
booklet panes
imperf pairs

all kinds of unusual items
and of course any new finds and additions, since the previous album, are included as well.

album1.gif (26173 bytes)album2.gif (68264 bytes)albumpag.gif (92571 bytes)

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The album is set up in such a way that you can collect the way you want to.
Collect everything and leave all the pages in the album
just collect the basic stamps by removing the variety pages until a later date.

Additional blank pages available for mounting multiples, documents, etc.

to any address in Canada $199.95 (price includes postage, packing, insurance and tax) 

to any address in USA Cdn $219.95, postpaid & insured

to any overseas address , price on request, postage rates vary tremendously

The Canadian revenue stamp album
Additional matching blank pages available

35c per page  - minimum 25 pages.
your choice of Coat of Arms at top of page


completely blank page


Nova Scotia








P. E. I.


British Columbia








New Brunswick






Total pages

shipping charges for album pages
in North America $10 - for 1st 25 pages + $5 for every additional 25 pages. 

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